July 2018 Year 12 HSC Trial Preparation Program

Description of the program

The Trial Preparation Program is designed to give students real exam practice and prepare students for their HSC Trial examination at school, which is usually worth 40% of their internal HSC mark. The program is designed to:

  • Help students make preparations early and identify any knowledge gaps
  • Sit a mock exam under real exam conditions and practice time management and exam techniques
  • Learn advance exam techniques and tools for tackling more difficult exam problems
  • Practice these techniques with additional take home exercises  modelled on real exam questions

The Program is divided into two parts:

Mock Exam – week 1 of July school holidays

  • Students will be sitting a full Mock Trial Exam for the relevant subject under exam conditions
  • The exam length may be 2 hours or 3 hours depending on the subject

Exam Feedback and Advance Exam Practice – week 2 of July school holidays

  • Each student will be provided with individualised feedback on their exam.
  • The teacher will explain the common problems with the Mock Exam
  • Students will also work through advance exam practice questions in class
  • Students will take home fully worked solutions and exemplar Band 6 responses to the advance exam practice questions

Program Cost

$120 for 1 subject

$220 for 2 subjects

$300 for 3 subjects

Enrolment closes on 8th July 2018


Enrol now

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Step 1 - Choose the subject(s)
Step 2 - Choose an exam block for your Mock Exam for each subject
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