Scrolling through tonnes of websites of organisations that rank universities can be tedious, so we've compiled them all below just for you busy HSC students out there.  The ranking of a university may be an indication of their reputation and performance. However, before judging universities based on their rankings, keep in mind that rankings are usually influenced by many factors other than the quality of their undergraduate programs.

UniversityQSTimesARWUUS News
University of Sydney4556101+51
University of New South Wales4682101+90
Macquarie University229301+201+322
University of Wollongong243251+201+346
University of Technology, Sydney218201+301+448
University of Newcastle256251+301+366
Western Sydney University651+401+--
University of New England651+---

2015 ranks. University of Notre Dame and Australian Catholic University have no ranks published by these organisations.


Graduate Salaries

Just for your own curiosity, here are the average graduate salaries of each university. They are by no means an accurate indicator of the quality of education at each institution as many variables, such as the ability and backgrounds of individual students, types of degrees offered and local job market conditions, are not taken into account. 

UniversityAverage Graduate Salary ($AUD)
University of Sydney55,236
University of Wollongong54,470
University of New South Wales52,804
University of New England52,128
University of Notre Dame51,619
University of Newcastle46,596
Australian Catholic University46,570
Western Sydney University46,188
University of Technology, Sydney44,881
Macquarie University43,694