Q: What are the qualifications of Pinnacle's tutors?

A: You may have noticed many tutoring centres out there boast about their tutors who have achieved 99+ ATARS. We are different. We hire tutors based on their experience in teaching, the ability to explain concepts clearly and their enthusiasm towards your child's learning and growth. We believe this is the combination of qualities which delivers the best results. Stay tuned for our tutors page which will give you a better idea of why our students love us.

Q: How do you ensure my child will learn and improve?

A: Pinnacle focuses on three critical factors to your child's learning and success:

  1.  Small class environment - our class size is restricted to 12 students so your child will get the attention he or she deserves.
  2. Weekly quiz and homework review - this is a crucial component in developing your child's knowledge in key concepts. We also provide end of term reports so that you can see tangible improvements.
  3. Homework support and free consultation - your child will get all necessary support outside of the classroom to ensure he or she achieves results.

Q: How do I know Pinnacle is for me?

A: To be honest, you won't know (just yet). So that's why we offer trial lessons to all our new students, so they can try us out first, get to know us and love us before deciding to join us. Just like dating, we believe it takes a couple of dates for you to tell whether there is chemistry. We won't ever lock you into any crazy commitment, if at any point you feel that we aren't hitting the mark, talk to us, give us a chance to change your mind. After all, they say relationships rely on good communication (we'd think we're really good at that).

Q: What are the fees like?

A: I can't give you an accurate answer because it will depend on which and how many subjects you will be requiring. To give you a rough estimate on the investment, you will be looking at around $50-65 per lesson which runs for 2-3 hours. But please keep in mind, we often run special promotions, early bird specials, family discounts and multiple subject discounts. We think we are super competitive in terms of pricing, so give us a call today so we can give you the accurate figures.