HSC Chemistry - Crash Course on Titration (Past event)


This Crash Course on Titration was presented by Linda Chui, an experienced HSC Chemistry teacher.  This is a recording of the online Webinar presented on 25/03/2018.

This course is relevant for Year 12 students currently located in NSW studying the HSC Chemistry course. In this one and a half hour, you can expect the following:

  • A brief review of indicators ranges and acidic and basic salts

  • A step by step explanation of titration techniques

  • A step by step explanation of typical exam questions under this topic

  • Student participation is highly encouraged, as you will learn more by doing rather than just listening

This is intended to be a revision course to assist students to prepare for up-coming assessments. At the end of the session, Linda will remain in the Webinar room for a further 30 minutes to answer any questions from students.

A bit about Linda

Linda is highly experience in HSC Chemistry. Having taught students who achieved high Band 6s, she knows how to direct students to overcome their misconceptions and gain confidence through practice responses. She tailors all teaching material used by her classes and place great emphasis on developing problem solving skills.