HSC Maths - Crash Course on Integration (Past event)


The Crash Course on Integration was presented by Amy Au, our head teacher for Mathematics at Pinnacle Coaching College. This is a recording of the online Webinar presented on 17/03/2018.

This course is relevant for Year 12 students currently located in NSW studying the HSC Mathematics Advanced course. In this one and a half hour, you can expect the following:

  • a brief review of the key concepts under the topic Integration including how to perform basic integration, finding area and volume with respect to both x and y axes, and the application of the Trapezoidal and Simpson’s rules.

  • a step by step explanation of typical exam questions under this topic

  • student participation is strongly encouraged - you learn a lot more by doing rather than just listening

As this is intended to be a revision course to help students prepare for their upcoming assessments, it is expected that students will have some basic knowledge on how to perform integration and its applications.

A bit about Amy

Amy is the co-founder of Pinnacle Coaching College and head teacher for mathematics within Pinnacle. She has over a decade of teaching experience in mathematics, specialising in HSC Extension 2 and Extension 1 Mathematics. Having achieved an ATAR of 99.60 herself, she knows all the secrets and tricks to achieving top results in the HSC. Amy personally tailors all teaching material used by her classes and place great emphasis on developing problem solving skills. She has helped many students achieve top results each year in the HSC and gain entry into their dream course in university.