Jessica Cheng – Caringbah High School

I chose to do Extension 2 Mathematics and found certain topics in the syllabus quite difficult. Amy, the lead Mathematics tutor at Pinnacle Coaching College offered private tuition which really helped me improve my results. 

She knew the topics that I was weak at and would constantly help me target those areas until I understood it completely. This often involved explaining the topics and applying it in different ways which really helped me learn the concepts. 

She also taught me a variety of exam techniques and methods of study, which was extremely beneficial for me. Tutoring with Pinnacle Coaching College really helped me throughout my HSC year and I wouldn't have been able to achieve my results without the help Amy and Pinnacle Coaching.

Subject/s taken at Pinnacle Coaching College: Maths Extension 1 and  Extension 2

2015 HSC Graduate – ATAR 99.45

Irene Xie – St George Girls High School

In years 10-11, Mathematics and English were the classes I dreaded. I struggled with the content and kept falling behind in the competitive environment at a selective school. As the teaching style didn’t help, I felt that it was essential for me to get tuition. 

I chose Pinnacle after hearing about the small classes, friendly environment and lessons tailored to the content you were learning at school. I never thought that I would look forward to attending tutoring, but with tutors who love the subject they teach, I was able to find satisfaction in what I was learning and was constantly encouraged to challenge myself. 

The small classes and personalised teaching style at Pinnacle is incomparable. Tutors effectively target your weaknesses in each subject and the interactive nature of the class ensures this. One of the most helpful things they offer is a weekly quiz. This allowed me to gauge my progress and familiarised me with exam conditions, ultimately preparing me for the real deal- HSC. It also motivated and pushed me to complete my homework each week!

I would definitely recommend Pinnacle Coaching College as they value their students and your improvement is in their best interests. It is a community where competition is eliminated and there is constant support both in and out of class making sure you are confident in your studies. 

Subject/s taken at Pinnacle Coaching College: Maths Extension 1 and Advanced English

2015 HSC Graduate – ATAR 96.30

Kishain Pather – Newington College

I chose to get tuition because I believed it was important to get into a good study routine for the upcoming year 12 assessment and HSC examinations. I chose Pinnacle Coaching because of their central location in Hurstville. After experiencing the 3 free lesson trials I believed Pinnacle Coaching was the best option for me, due to their dedication and professional teaching methods, inevitably allowing me to succeed in the High School Certificate.

I would 100% recommend Pinnacle Coaching to any student looking to excel in schooling. The learning environment was a friendly and encouraging atmosphere. I enjoyed the variety of resources Pinnacle provided me, helping me to further practice certain parts of a topic. Pinnacle Coaching was great because it broke down every topic into smaller pieces allowing us as the students to grasp the concepts much easier. The best part of the coaching was the teachers who would always have time to go through a question or a topic. 

Subject/s taken at Pinnacle Coaching College: Maths Extension 1, Chemistry and Physics

2015 HSC Graduate – ATAR 93.45

Nina Wang – Meriden School

Prior to Pinnacle, I had much difficulty finding a coaching college to assist me in improving my mathematical ability, but what drew me to Pinnacle were the small class sizes, the willingness to help answer any questions and the caring nature of the teachers. Tuition was essential in allowing me to grow my confidence in Mathematics through increased exposure and experience to a number of different questions. This ultimately led to a more comfortable exam experience.

The environment at Pinnacle was welcoming and it felt as though those trying to help me really cared about whether I understood their explanations. The best thing about Pinnacle was the open communication and the excellent skill in teaching mathematics. I would recommend Pinnacle to anyone who is struggling to find a suitable fit after much searching into various different tutoring colleges, and is looking for a warm community that is able to give you the assistance you need for success in mathematics.

Subject/s taken at Pinnacle Coaching College: Maths Extension 1, Chemistry and Physics

2015 HSC Graduate - ATAR 99.45

Selena Tang - Sydney Girls High School

For my Year 11 yearly exams, I almost failed my Maths Extension 1 exam scoring 51%. My Maths has always been quite poor and I’ve been averaging around 60% during the year. Despite being advised to drop the subject, I decided to keep Maths Extension 1 for Year 12. I felt it was important to get tuition for Year 12, because I needed extra help since I was struggling greatly in Maths. I chose Pinnacle because it suited my needs, had a very dynamic, friendly and encouraging environment. All the tutors provide very unique, extensive, valuable knowledge and teaching methods. 

I would highly recommend Pinnacle to my friends and family because it is a very unique tutoring centre where you are not treated as a number but as an individual where the tutors help you embrace your true potential. The classes are very intimate, interactive and insightful where everyone helps and encourages each other.

The best thing about Pinnacle in my opinion, is the fact that its structure and learning techniques are very tailor-made to suit your personal needs, so it doesn't matter if you are on a different learning level to your peers. After going to Pinnacle for Year 12, I realised how much I was able to improve in Maths in such a short amount of time. Combined with my own diligence and perseverance, I would not have achieved my ATAR without the help of Pinnacle. 

Subject/s taken at Pinnacle Coaching College: Mathematics Extension 1

2014 HSC Graduate - ATAR 98.40

Jonathan Chan - St Mary's Cathedral College

At first, I was very skeptical as to whether I should have chosen to do Maths Extension 2. Pinnacle Coaching College most definitely gave me the confidence and belief I needed to undertake this very difficult subject. Amy (my tutor) brought the sense of joy that I desperately desired to further elevate my love of Maths. Without her consistent support, I would most definitely not have excelled in the course.

Unlike other tuition centres which solely focuses on the results of students, Pinnacle Coaching College provided the much needed supportive atmosphere that is sure to encourage any student to reach their full potential. Most importantly, Pinnacle aims to make your learning insightful, not to mention fun, and effectively caters for any concerns that a student may have in their studies. It is with great pleasure and confidence that I recommend any aspiring student to join Pinnacle Coaching College.

Subject/s taken at Pinnacle Coaching College: Mathematics Extension 2

2014 HSC Graduate - ATAR 99.45

Sherry Jin - St George Girls High School 

I was really struggling in maths because I sometimes find my teachers at school to be a little brief and unclear, and so I felt that it was almost essential to get tutoring. The reason why my parents and I chose Pinnacle is because we were really drawn to the idea of being in small classes (as they are more effective). After meeting Amy (the head teacher) it made Pinnacle the clear choice; not only did she have an amazing intellectual background but she also had a friendly and easy to talk to personality, these are fundamental personality traits of a successful teacher. 

I would highly recommend Pinnacle Coaching College; I truly cannot thank them enough, I would not have gotten through HSC without them. Pinnacle has one of the most welcoming and fun atmospheres which had allowed me to feel completely comfortable in my learning environment.

One of the best things about Pinnacle, and also what sets them apart from other tutoring centres, is the pure dedication and enthusiasm the teachers put into teaching. They genuinely do want their students to succeed and they are always there to give a helping hand.

Subject/s taken at Pinnacle Coaching College: Mathematics Extension 1

2014 HSC Graduate - ATAR 98.45

Roxanne Zhang - Sydney Girls High School

Tutoring supplements the school learning process by either offering an opportunity to learn ahead or a place to revise and consolidate previous knowledge. Pinnacle Coaching College provides an environment conducive to learning, with tutors encouraging students to actively ask questions and engage with their peers. The small classes permit tutors to focus on students on a more personal level, addressing each individual's strengths and weaknesses.

I think one feature that sets Pinnacle Coaching College apart from others is that it was open for me to visit almost any time. This demonstrated to me the willingness of my tutor to help me through my difficulties. This in turn made me realise that if others were so willing to help me, why should I not help myself? It pushed me to work that little bit harder to persevere that little bit longer the next time I attempted to solve that superannuation question or graph the derivative of an equation.

I definitely recommend Pinnacle Coaching College to students seeking support in their learning and studies. The tutors and students there will help you reach your peak (...or should I say, their "pinnacle").

Subject/s taken at Pinnacle Coaching College: Mathematics Advanced