We offer a dedicated class for Extension 2 Maths students from Sydney Girls High School due to their unique topic order at school. No other coaching college in Sydney offers a similar program.

The tailored program will cater to the topic order done at school and dedicate a lesson each term to assessment preparation. The program is designed to be flexible and can be adjusted based on the students enrolled in the program.

Try your first lesson now for free and see if this program is right for you. 

Topics Covered

Extension 2 Mathematics SGHS Class of 2017 at Pinnacle

Extension 2 Mathematics SGHS Class of 2017 at Pinnacle

Term 4 2017

  • Mechanics - Circular Motion
  • Curve Sketching

Term 1 2018

  • Complex numbers
  • Polynomials

Term 2 2018

  • Conics
  • Integration
  • Volumes
  • HSC Trial Exam Preparation

Term 3 2018

  •  Mechanics - Resisted Motion
  •  Harder 3 Unit - Harder Inequalities, Mathematical Induction, Circle Geometry and Probability
  •  HSC Exam Preparation

Each term, there will be 2 lessons dedicated to topic review and assessment preparation to ensure students achieve their best. Students will be practising with real exam questions and are taught specific exam techniques which will give them an edge in the exam.

Who will be your tutor?

Amy, our lead Mathematics tutor will be taking you through the HSC course and ensure you achieve your potential. Here is a little bit about Amy:

Amy is the co-founder of Pinnacle Coaching and head teacher for mathematics within Pinnacle. She has over a decade of teaching experience in mathematics, specialising in HSC Extension 2 and Extension 1 Mathematics. Having achieved an ATAR of 99.60 herself, she knows all the secrets and tricks to achieving top results in the HSC. Amy personally tailors all teaching material used by her classes and place great emphasis on developing problem solving skills. She has helped many students to improve within a term and a majority of her students have attained top results in the HSC each year.

Course Structure

Students are required to attend a 2.5 hour lesson per week, which includes:

  •  15 -30 minutes weekly quiz where students complete real past exam questions under exam pressure. Students will receive their mark and feedback in the same lesson.
  •  2 hours theory coverage - this component is conducted in an interactive and informal environment where students work through many examples and are challenged with difficult exam style questions throughout the lesson. At Pinnacle, we believe that limited knowledge is conveyed in lecture-styled lessons and students retain the most knowledge when they are actively involved during the class.

During these weekly lessons, students will develop an in-depth understanding of all topics prescribed by the Year 12 Maths Extension 2 Syllabus as well as a range mathematical skills and techniques to prepare them for the HSC exams. Pinnacle’s Year 12 Maths Extension 2 Course place strong emphasis on the development of critical thinking skills to solve unfamiliar and challenging problems independently. Approximately 30% of the final HSC Maths Extension 2 paper is constituted by unseen challenging problems where students may be required to develop an appropriate approach on the spot. The development of this ability is crucial to achieving the top band results and this is what distinguishes the top 5% of students from their peers.

All students in Pinnacle's Maths Extension 2 course receive the following:

  • Theory booklets specifically built for each topic containing critical theory components and an abundance of examples to be worked through in class. The booklets offer students an in-depth knowledge and understanding of all topics from the Year 12 Maths Extension 2 Syllabus prescribed by the NSW Board of Studies.
  • Homework booklets with exam style questions  - students are assigned homework each week to develop their understanding of new theory and problem solving skills
  • By-topic revision booklets are distributed around school assessment time based on the topics each individual student is getting assessed on. These booklets contain past HSC exam questions regularly used by school teachers to set assessments and exams. 
  • Mock exams designed to model the SGHS assessment format may be provided. Students will attempt the mock exam under exam conditions and detail feedback will be provided by the teacher.
  • Out of class help and support – Pinnacle run weekly homework help sessions to assist students with any questions with school work or homework. We understand the frustration of being stuck on a question and we want to support all of our students in every way possible within our abilities.
Amy, the lead Mathematics tutor at Pinnacle Coaching College really helped me improve my results. She knew the topics that I was weak at and would constantly help me target those areas until I understood it completely. This often involved explaining the topics and applying it in different ways which really helped me learn the concepts.

She also taught me a variety of exam techniques and methods of study, which was extremely beneficial for me. Tutoring with Pinnacle Coaching College really helped me throughout my HSC year and I wouldn’t have been able to achieve my results without the help Amy and Pinnacle Coaching.
— Jessica Cheng - Extension 2 Mathematics Student - ATAR 99.45