Year 11 Preliminary Economics

Topics Covered:

  • Introduction to Economic
  • Consumers and Business
  • Markets
  • Labour Markets
  • Financial Markets
  • Government and the market economy

Course Structure:

Students are required to attend 2 hour lesson per week, which includes:

  • 10-15 minutes weekly quiz where students complete real past exam questions under exam pressure in order to examine their understanding of the content in the previous week.
  • One and a half hours theory coverage - This component is conducted in an interactive  and informal environment where the tutor and students engage in a detailed discussion in order to attain a comprehensive understanding of concepts in economics. Students will work through numerous examples relating to each topic in order to gain the necessary skills for examinations. At Pinnacle, we believe that limited knowledge is conveyed in lecture styled lessons and students retain the most knowledge when they are actively involved during the class.
  • Frequent classes including coverage on how to compose and structure essay responses will also be available to students. Essay writing is an extremely important component as it comprises 40% of the HSC economics examination. These classes will teach students how to integrate their in-depth knowledge of economics (step by step)  into well structured comprehensive essays. 

During these weekly lessons, students will develop an in-depth knowledge and understanding of all syllabus dot points and outcomes for each module prescribed by the NSW Board of Studies. Students will  learn to explain and discuss key concepts in comprehensive detail through understanding the logical framework of economics. Specific diagrams, charts, mathematically applied formulas within each topic will be discussed with students in order to reinforce their understanding of key ideas. Particular emphasis is placed on the development of the student’s knowledge on the economic content. Critical thinking as well as skills to apply their knowledge will also be reinforced to prepare students for school assessments.

Our Approach

We maintain an open class environment that encourages students to ask questions and participate in class discussions. Student interaction is an essential part of the learning process and we make sure all students feel included in the class environment, such that they aren’t hesitant to ask questions when they encounter difficulty.

The focus of the Year 11 Preliminary Economics course is to develop a strong foundation for the Year 12 HSC Economic course and exam techniques specific to the Economics syllabus.

All students in Pinnacle’s Economic course receive the following:

  • Theory workbooks specifically built for each topic containing critical theory components that will be used to work on throughout the lesson. The booklets offer students an in-depth knowledge and understanding of all topics from the Year 11 Economic Syllabus prescribed by the NSW Board of Studies. Our notes are carefully designed with exam preparation in mind, and sets out exactly what the students need to know in order to do well in their exams.
  • Homework booklets: The homework booklets authored by our tutors will include analytical exam style questions constructed according to each specific topic. Students are assigned homework each week to develop and reinforce both their skills and knowledge of Economics.
  • Latest Statistics, trends, and comprehensive commentary/analysis on current economic events.  This will especially benefit students by broadening their understanding of how their learnt theories apply to the highly dynamic political and economic landscape. This will assist students in their depth of analysis within Economic essay response.
  • Revision booklets: Revision classes are conducted at the end of every module, as well as before major assessment periods such as half yearlies and HSC trial exams.
  • Out of class help and support: Pinnacle run weekly homework help sessions to support students. Tutors are also happy to answer any questions relating to Economic content or assessment preparations via email responses.
  • Relevant and flexible topics: Topics will be tailored for each class according to the students’ assessment requirements and their school progress.