Year 12 HSC Economics

Topics Covered:

  • The Global Economy
  • Australia’s place in the global economy
  • Economic issues
  • Economic policies and management

In Year 12 we focus on ensuring students reach their full potential and maximize their results both in assessment tasks and the HSC exam.

For 2018, Pinnacle Coaching College will only be offering Private tutoring to Yr 12 Economic students. Our individualized programs are designed to fulfill the requirements of Stage 6 of the NSW Board of Studies English curriculum. Lessons will be tailored to the specific needs and abilities of individual students.

Students will:

  • Get individual advice and support as they work through their school assessment tasks.
  • Get individual advice and support from tutors with Band 6 in Economics on how to confidently do well in all Four sections of the Trials/HSC examination. This includes: Multiple choice, Short answer responses, Essay responses.
  • Learn how to write comprehensive and sophisticated Economic Essay responses. This is extremely important as Essay responses comprises of  40% of both the Trials and the HSC examination. These lessons will teach students how to integrate their in-depth knowledge of economics into well structured comprehensive essays.

All students in Pinnacle’s Private Economics tuition class receives the following:

  • Individually tailored notes and resources which follows the structure of the topics being completed at your specific school.
  • Latest Statistics, trends, and comprehensive commentary/analysis on current economic events. This will especially benefit students by broadening their understanding of how their learnt theories apply to the highly dynamic political and economic landscape. This will assist students in their depth of analysis within Economic Essay responses. 
  • Out of class help and support: Tutors are happy to answer any questions relating to Economic content as well as Essay marking and feedback via email responses.
  • An abundance of Past HSC economic papers and questions. This will allow students to gain sufficient practice in order to confidently do well in Section 1 and 2 of the Economic Paper in both Trials and HSC.
  • An abundance of relevant past HSC essay responses from state rankers and high achievers. This will ensure that students are exposed to a wide range of essay questions that will be asked by the NSW Board of Studies during the HSC examination.
  • Revision material constructed carefully by our Economic Tutors to target the specific weakness of individuals in order to support students in achieving their personal bests within their assessments, trials and the HSC exam.

Why come to Pinnacle for Private Economics Tutoring?

Pinnacle’s economic Tutors have comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the Economics Syllabus content provided by the NSW Board of Studies. Both tutors receiving a Band 6 in Economics have holistic experiences on the necessary skills and techniques to confidently do well in Year 12 assessments, trials and ultimately the HSC examination. At Pinnacle Coaching College, our tutors are highly dedicated in providing suitable support tailored specifically for individual students. We understand that the HSC year is a stressful and challenging period. Allow our tutors to accompany you on this journey and provide you the necessary support to achieve your personal best in order to open up limitless opportunities in the future!.