Many of us have trouble concentrating or focusing our energy when studying, especially if it's for a subject we're already struggling in. It's likely that even the most brightest HSC high school students face this issue. Maybe it's time for you take shake things up a bit by trying the three techniques below and seeing if they help you like they have for others!


Have Everything You Need To Study With You

As common sense as this sounds, I've lost track of how many times I've procrastinated because I didn't bring all the adequate material I needed for studying to the library or to school. Because you feel you don't have everything you, you end up not bothering to study, thinking that you'll do it later when you get back home and have all the things you need (which let's face it, probably won't happen either!). So next time before you leave your home, double check you have everything with you, and bring additional material for another subject just in case you finish the first or get tired of it! No excuses allowed!


Variety, Variety, Variety!

Please do not decide to studying for one single subject for two days trying to cram it all in. You will get so bored and probably end up procrastinating, considering it's probably your least favourite subjects that you always leave till the end anyway. Try changing the subject you're studying every few hours or periods during the day. Your brain needs stimulation from different things and if you don't give it enough of this, it'll just wonder off itself trying to find something more interesting (aka procrastinating on YouTube).

You can also implement various different ways of studying as well to break things up. Don't just read notes the whole time you're studying, but try answering questions, making mind maps or anything you'd like that you think will help keep your brain fresh. You can even try to use your study breaks to exercise, cook, or do something that's different and physical to help get rid of any excess energy or adrenaline.


Playing Soft Music In The Background

No, it's not time for you to start playing hard rock through your headphones. That'll probably just distract you. If you have trouble studying because you are easily distracted, playing some SOFT music without many lyrics (as this may end up actually annoying you) may help you relax and be able to concentrate better. Playing music that you can't sing or hymn to is probably a good idea too, otherwise you may find your own mind drifting to the song and just trying to sing along with it. You could also try a background noise generator that plays birds chirping, the sound of waterfalls and waves, and what not.

Why not give this music thing a try? I'm sure you'll be able to find some nice tunes on YouTube or Spotify. Some people like having sounds in the background when they're studying, while others just prefer in dead silence. It's all about trial and error.


Jack Zheng | N° 41