Year 10 Mathematics

Topics Covered

The Pinnacle Mathematics Course covers all topics from the Year 10 NSW Maths Syllabus for Stage 5.2 and 5.3 under the new Australian National Curriculum.

  • Surface Area and Volume
  • Indices and Surds
  • Probability
  • Single variable and bivariate statistics
  • Equations - linear and simultaneous equations
  • Linear Relationship (coordinate geometry)
  • Properties of Geometrical Figures
  • Further Trigonometry
  • Quadratic Expression and Quadratic Equations
  • Non-Linear Relationships, Functions and Graphs
  • Logarithms

Course Structure

Students are required to attend a 2 hour lesson per week, which includes:

  • 10 - 15 minutes weekly quiz where students complete real past exam questions under exam pressure. Students will receive their mark and feedback in the same lesson.
  • 1.5 hours theory coverage - this component is conducted in an interactive and informal environment where students work through many examples. At Pinnacle, we believe that limited knowledge is conveyed in lecture-styled lessons and students retain the most knowledge when they are actively involved during the class.

During these weekly lessons, students will develop an in-depth understanding of all topics prescribed by the Year 10 NSW Maths Syllabus for Stage 5.2 and 5.3 under the new Australian National Curriculum as well as a range mathematical skills and techniques required for the Year 11 Maths Advanced Course. Students planning to undertake the Year 11 Maths Extension 1 Course are recommended to study the Year 10 Mathematics (Accelerated) Program.

Our Approach

The focus of this course is to build a strong foundational understanding of key mathematical concepts for students planning to undertake the Year 11 Maths Advanced Course. The student will develop the following:

  • A strong conceptual understanding of the mathematics concepts rather than memorising the formulae
  • Problem solving skills
  • Exam techniques through weekly quizzes and school exam preparation with past assessment papers from various selective schools
  • Interest and motivation in mathematics

All students in Pinnacle's Year 10 Mathematics course receive the following:

  • Theory booklets specifically built for each topic containing critical theory components and an abundance of examples to be worked through in class. The booklets offer students an in-depth knowledge and understanding of all topics from the Year 10 NSW Maths Syllabus for Stage 5.2 and 5.3 under the new Australian National Curriculum.
  • Homework booklets - students are assigned homework each week to develop their understanding of new theory and problem solving skills
  • Past exam papers – usually distributed around assessment times, these past papers provide students with ample opportunity to practice exam style questions and develop exam techniques
  • Out of class help and support – Pinnacle run weekly homework help sessions to support students outside of the classroom. We understand the frustration of being stuck on a question and we want to support all of our students in every way possible within our abilities.
  • Relevant and flexible topics - topics will be tailored for each class according to the students’ assessment requirements and their school progress.