Year 12 English at pinnacle

In Year 12 we focus on ensuring students reach their full potential and maximise their results both in assessment tasks and the HSC exam.

Our individualised programs are designed to fulfil the requirements of Stage 6 of the NSW Board of Studies English curriculum.

Students will:

  • Improve their essay writing, comprehension and creative writing; the three major components of Stage 6 English and the HSC exam.
  • Get individual advice and support as they work through their school assessment tasks.
  • Get individual advice and support as they prepare and practise answers to all sections of the HSC exam, including essays and creative writing.
  • Receive comprehensive notes on all topics and texts studied in their HSC

This course is appropriate for students doing Standard English, Advanced English, Extension One and Extension Two.

Year 12 - Area of Study Discovery Program

The Area of Study is a compulsory part of your English HSC, whether you are doing Advanced, Standard or ESL, and makes up nearly half of your final mark. This course will help you maximise that mark, giving you the required skills to succeed in all three aspects of Discovery: how to analyse your set text and related material and how to convert that knowledge into a Band 6 essay, how to write creative pieces, and how to write answers in response to unseen texts.

Year 12 - Essay Writing Skills (EWS) Program

Your mark in HSC English is basically determined by your ability to write extended responses. This course teaches you to write Band 6 essays. With the aid of individually tailored notes and resources, you will focus on the module of your choice and gain a thorough knowledge of your set text(s). You will then be given step by step guidance on how to convert that knowledge into well structured sophisticated essays. This course is suitable for Advanced, Standard and ESL students.