Kshaunish Chaplot – Marist College Kogarah

I chose Pinnacle because I was intimidated by the insurmountable content I had to learn and then apply for Extension 1 and 2 Maths. I thoroughly enjoyed Pinnacle’s sequential approach to teaching Extension 1 and 2 mathematics and the positive learning environment they created. They built on content over weekly classes whilst simultaneously testing it with quizzes and homework that featured exam-style questions. 

Pinnacle is definitely a tier above the rest when it comes to teacher-student relations, creating a supportive learning environment where I could ask questions before or after class and receive support through the Homework Help sessions they run. Their tutors’ ability to explain content and answer questions in a simplistic and understandable manner truly sets them apart from other places.

If you are looking for a place that will support and guide you through what will be the toughest year of your schooling, a place that will allow you to grow and continuously better your personal best, then Pinnacle is the perfect place for you.

Subject/s taken at Pinnacle Coaching College: Maths Extension 1, Maths Extension 2 and Chemistry

2017 HSC Graduate | ATAR 99.75

99 Extension 2 Maths | 99 Extension 1 Maths | 94 Chemistry

Rachel Garrett – Sydney Girls High School

I chose Pinnacle because they offered a 4-unit math course that was specifically tailored to Sydney Girls High School. This was extremely helpful as Pinnacle’s classes were structured around Sydney Girls’ unique topic order, which started with circular motion and curve sketching.

What I most enjoyed about Pinnacle’s teaching approach was its flexibility. Amy was more than happy to tweak lessons in order to cover areas that the class was having trouble with. Additionally, Amy’s thorough and  comprehensive approach to teaching made complex math problems so much easier to understand. She taught me exam techniques that helped me stay efficient and focused during my trial and HSC, and provided an abundance of resources that helped me prepare for all my assessments.

I would recommend Pinnacle because of its friendly atmosphere and thorough approach to teaching. I always felt at home in the classrooms, and all the staff were very accommodating. Amy always made sure that I understood the course content, and she helped me target my weaknesses so I could perform better in the HSC.

Subject/s taken at Pinnacle Coaching College: Maths Extension 2

2017 HSC Graduate | ATAR 99.30 | 92 Extension 2 Maths

Elvis Cheng – Sydney Technical High School

I personally found 4 unit math challenging at school and this made it necessary for me to familiarize myself with these hard topics at Pinnacle before encountering them at school.

I was very impressed by the level of dedication and hard work Amy put into her lessons. The teaching approach at Pinnacle was very inclusive and individualistic, an aspect which I really liked - there were many times where Amy would further explain questions and topics that I found particularly challenging after the lesson.

I would definitely recommend Pinnacle to my friends and family. For me Pinnacle was a place where I felt comfortable with learning complex concepts and topics. The teaching approach was extremely positive and by learning math topics ahead of school, it was easier for me to pick up and retain such knowledge throughout my HSC year.

Subject/s taken at Pinnacle Coaching College: Maths Extension 2

2017 HSC Graduate | ATAR 98.75

Chini Datta – Sydney Girls High School

Before attending Pinnacle, I had a fear of mathematics and found it extremely difficult to understand mathematical concepts. Through the positive and friendly attitude of all the teachers at Pinnacle, and the one-on-one attention offered to me through private tutoring, I was able to overcome this. I also found the English and Physics classes to be very engaging, and it wasn't uncommon for me to be laughing during these classes, and leaving with a smile on my face.

Everyone here at Pinnacle is friendly, hospitable and approachable. Because the class sizes are smaller, there is a sense that everyone is cared for. Other tutoring centres I have attended in the past seemed quite intimidating, cold and frightening  to me - Pinnacle is the opposite of this, which is why I would recommend the centre to other students. Pinnacle is not just a coaching centre; the tutors actually are friends and mentors to the students.

Subject/s taken at Pinnacle Coaching College: English (Advanced), Maths, Maths Extension 1, and Physics

2017 HSC Graduate | ATAR 98.60

Dennis Lei – Sydney Technical High School

 I chose Pinnacle because it was located in a very convenient location and was priced at a reasonable cost. Unlike other tutoring centers that I had attended, the class sizes were small, which allowed for much better lessons and interactions without being disturbed.

Amy’s teaching methods were very helpful, with structured and concise mathematics notes, a selection of past HSC mathematics questions and flexibility regarding what was being taught each week. The flexibility in allowing me to do revision for my internal school exams, allowed me to perform really well in the HSC.

I would recommend Pinnacle as my tutor Amy, is very helpful and has constructed a great course. Each week focuses on a new concept and is not too rushed; it is very flexible and tailored to the pace of the students which helped greatly with my understanding. I also like the weekly exams, which help us students track our progress. Without Amy’s dedication and hard work I will surely not have done as well as I have and I highly recommend Pinnacle to my friends.

Subject/s taken at Pinnacle Coaching College: Maths Extension 2

2017 HSC Graduate | ATAR 98.25 | 93 Extension 2 Maths | 99 Extension 1 Maths

Cissy Li – Sydney Girls High School

I chose Pinnacle, as the location was extremely convenient and the class sizes were small compared to other tutoring centers. The reception was also really friendly and was really helpful in providing necessary information about the center.

Pinnacle has a friendly learning environment and many people willing to help you if you ever miss a class or struggle to understand a concept. Especially for mathematics, Pinnacle has strong, syllabus-orientated lesson plans which greatly help with any schoolwork and provides additional harder extension questions you may come across in the HSC.

Tutors are happy to thoroughly explain any questions you may have, even outside your designated lesson times, and it is that support for which I recommend Pinnacle Coaching College.

Subject/s taken at Pinnacle Coaching College: Maths Extension 1 and Maths Extension 2

2017 HSC Graduate | 94 Extension 2 Maths | 99 Extension 1 Maths

Leanne Li – Caringbah High School

Before coming to Pinnacle, chemistry was a tough subject for me. I struggled to keep up in class and felt that I needed a tutor to support me.

At Pinnacle, my tutor Matt not only organised his class to suit everyone’s needs but also worked with individual students to answer their questions in break time or after class. After each topic was covered, we would go through past questions and see how we could structure our response to attain the maximum marks allocate, which I found really helpful.

At Pinnacle, I had access to my tutors through email and in class, and was able to ask questions and really understand what I was learning. I would really recommend Pinnacle for anyone who is looking for a tutoring centre with small classes and tutors that tailor their lessons to your needs. Pinnacle really helps you achieve your maximum potential.

Subject/s taken at Pinnacle Coaching College: Maths Extension 1,  Maths Extension 2 and Chemistry

2017 HSC Graduate | ATAR 98.15 | 91 Extension 2 Maths | 96 Extension 1 Maths

Lucy Sun – Sydney Girls High School

Before getting tutoring at Pinnacle, I was barely getting a 60% in maths. But Pinnacle prepared me for the harder questions in the HSC and helped me improve my techniques and strategies in answering exam questions. I also received better revision and practice material than I did at my school.

For English Advanced, I didn’t know how to word my essays correctly and didn’t know what needed to be in an essay. Pinnacle’s teaching approach for English, let me focus on what I felt I was weak at. My tutor helped me understand how I could improve my writing in specific ways such as essay structure or wording. Pinnacle also helped me to thoroughly understand each text and module at a high level.

If you are looking for a tutoring centre that will enable you to achieve your HSC goals, then Pinnacle would be a great place for you! The small classes are the best thing about Pinnacle, making it less unnerving to ask questions. The priority on self-improvement over competition is also a big thing for me, making me more motivated to improve to reach my personal goals and aspirations.  

Subject/s taken at Pinnacle Coaching College: Maths Extension 1,  Maths Extension 2, Chemistry and English (Advanced)

2017 HSC Graduate