Year 12 Extension 2 Mathematics (new syllabus)

Topics Covered

  • Complex numbers

  • Logic of Proofs - Number Theory, Inequalities and Mathematical Induction

  • Further Work with Vectors

  • Further Integration

  • Mechanics - Simple Harmonic Motion, Projectile Motion and Resisted Motion

  • HSC Trial Examination Preparation

  • HSC Exam Preparation - tackling Q15 and 16

Course Structure

Students are required to attend a 3-hour lesson per week, which includes:

  • 15 -30 minutes weekly quiz where students complete real past exam questions under exam pressure. Students will receive their mark and feedback in the same lesson.

  • 2.5 hours theory coverage - this component is conducted in an interactive and informal environment where students work through many examples and are challenged with difficult exam style questions throughout the lesson. At Pinnacle, we believe that limited knowledge is conveyed in lecture-styled lessons and students retain the most knowledge when they are actively involved during the class.

During these weekly lessons, students will develop an in-depth understanding of all topics prescribed by the Year 12 Maths Extension 2 Syllabus as well as a range mathematical skills and techniques to prepare them for the HSC exams. Pinnacle’s Year 12 Maths Extension 2 Course place strong emphasis on the development of critical thinking skills to solve unfamiliar and challenging problems independently. Approximately 30% of the final HSC Maths Extension 2 paper is constituted by unseen challenging problems where students may be required to develop an appropriate approach on the spot. The development of this ability is crucial to achieving the top band results and this is what distinguishes the top 5% of students from their peers.

All students in Pinnacle's Maths Extension 2 course receive the following:

  • Theory booklets specifically built for each topic containing critical theory components and an abundance of examples to be worked through in class. The booklets offer students an in-depth knowledge and understanding of all topics from the Year 12 Maths Extension 2 Syllabus prescribed by the NSW Board of Studies.

  • Homework booklets and exam-style exercise booklets - students are assigned homework from both types of booklets each week to develop their understanding of new theory and problem solving skills

  • By-topic revision booklets are distributed around school assessment time based on the topics each individual student is getting assessed on. These booklets contain past HSC exam questions regularly used by school teachers to set assessments and exams.

  • Out of class help and support – Pinnacle run weekly homework help sessions for all students. We understand the frustration of being stuck on a question and we want to support all of our students in every way possible within our abilities.

  • Relevant and flexible topics - topics will be tailored for each class according to the students’ assessment requirements and their school progress.

Unlike other tutorial schools which drive the results of students, Pinnacle provides the much needed supportive atmosphere that is sure to encourage any student to reach their full potential. Most importantly, Pinnacle aims to make your learning insightful, not to mention fun, and effectively caters for any concerns that a student may have in their studies. It is with great pleasure and confidence that I recommend any aspiring student to join Pinnacle.
— Jonathan Chan - 2014 HSC Graduate - Extension 2 Mathematics Student - ATAR 99.45