Inverse Functions

Study with Me – Inverse Functions and Inverse Trigonometric Functions (Ext 1 Only)

Characteristics of Inverse Functions, Curve Sketching and Calculations Involving Inverse Trigonometric Ratios

In this video, I will demonstrate how to answer some typical and advanced inverse function exam questions using examples from real exams under Extension 1 Maths (3U) course. Examples include:

  • The horizontal line test, sketching the inverse function through reflection across y=x, the algebra relationship between a function and its inverse

  • Inverse trigonometric functions domain and range restrictions and their graphs

  • Calculations using inverse trig ratios, including application of compound angle rules

This is relevant for both Year 11 and Year 12 students preparing for HSC Mathematics and HSC Maths Extension 1 for 2020 and onwards.

Pumped for some extra practice? Here’s a revision question set on inverse functions for you to try at home.