Locus and parabola

Learn how to solve locus, parabola and quadratic polynomial. This will include:

  • Review of the basic and translated forms of parabola, finding vertex, focus and directrix

  • Typical locus questions in exam – using distance, gradient and perpendicualr distance formulas

  • Discriminant theory and relationship between roots and coefficients in a quadratic + harder exam questions

This topic is a part of the Mathematics Syllabus in NSW.

Resources for download:

Quadratic Polynomial, Locus and Parabola - Student Book

This can be downloaded and printed ahead of time (or even attempted ahead of time!) to make the lesson easier to follow.

Quadratic Polynomial, Locus and Parabola - Practice Set

This is a short practice set with carefully selected questions designed to be a perfect exam revision tool for students preparing for their assessments.