Trigonometric Equations

Study with Me – Solving Trigonometric Equations

Solving Trigonometric Equations – Using the ASTC rule, Related Angles and Trigonometric Identities

In this video, I will demonstrate how to solve trigonometric equations that are commonly examined under both the Advanced Maths (2U) and Extension 1 Maths (3U) course. Examples include:

  • Solving single trigonometric ratio equations

  • When to use trigonometric identities to simplify the expression first (reciprocal ratios, Pythagorean identity, compound angle, double angle rules etc.)

  • When and how to adjust the domain before solving the equation

  • Trigonometric equations that can be expressed as a quadratic

  • Auxiliary angle conversions

The basics of solving a trigonometric equation will also be discussed in detail, such as the ASTC rule, assessing the quadrants of your solutions and working out the related angle.

 This is relevant for both Year 11 and Year 12 students preparing for HSC Mathematics and HSC Maths Extension 1 for 2020 and onwards.

Pumped for some extra practice? Here’s a revision question set on this topic for you to try at home.