Trigonometry Problems

Study with Me – Trigonometry Problems

Solving Problems Using Right Angled Trigonometry, the Sine rule, Cosine rule, Bearings and 3D Trigonometry Problems

In this video, I will demonstrate how to solve trigonometry problems using various formulas and tools using examples from real exams under both the Advanced Maths (2U) and Extension 1 Maths (3U) course. Examples include:

  • What information supports the use of the various formulas such as sine rule and cosine rule

  • How to analysis and answer a bearings question

  • Some tricky and interesting HSC questions in this area

  • How to tackle 3D Trigonometry problems (now relevant for our 2U students in the new syllabus)

This is relevant for both Year 11 and Year 12 students preparing for HSC Mathematics and HSC Maths Extension 1 for 2020 and onwards.

Pumped for some extra practice? Here’s a revision question set on trigonometry problems for you to try at home.