8 Big Tips On Avoiding Distractions While Studying


From my experience, it's almost impossible to study when you've got Facebook open on your computer, and your phone constantly ringing or vibrating. If you find you are constantly getting distracted, there are some things you can put in place to help combat this.


Planned breaks

If you try to study all the time without planned breaks, you'll burn yourself out and end up doing other things instead. Setting times (e.g. every hour or 30 minutes) for you to relax and remove yourself from the stresses of a student will allow you to be productive when you are studying.


Pen and Paper

If you find studying on a computer always leads to looking at websites you shouldn't be on, maybe it might be a good idea to go back to the old ways of using a pen and a workbook. Moreover, current exams are nearly all on paper and require you to write at a fast pace; writing constantly will help you improve on this.


Website blocking applications

Sometimes, our studies require us to do online research. In these circumstances, website blocking applications are quite helpful (especially if you use ones which are not able to be disabled). Examples include StayFocusd  and Simple Blocker for Chrome browsers.


Phone on silent

This probably speaks for itself. If you find you need a little bit of extra help, tell your friends when you'll be studying as well so they won't distract you when you want to concentrate. Better yet, leave the phone in another room and don't touch it unless you have finished your set tasks. I'm sure the world will still be in one piece if you don't check your phone during this time.


Turn off all distracting noises or move to a quiet room

Noises from your parents watching television and the birds fighting outside are probably not going to help you concentrate. If you find these noises to be distracting, a good idea would be to move into another room or use earplugs (they probably can be found in your local pharmacy or online).


Music in the background

For me personally, really strong music can be a distraction. However, for some people, soft music or ones specifically designed to help concentration can really assist the mind to focus on the important tasks ahead. 


Have a study desk

Having a designated study area different to where you relax and go on social media (e.g. where your computer is) can help your brain realise that it is currently the time to study and focus (much like going to the library).


Have a good night of sleep

Having a good amount of sleep consistentlyis vital for your mind's performance and ability to concentrate; we have another blog post on that, have a look!


If you want to avoid being distracted in the future, give a few of these tips a go and see how they work.  I hope this has helped, see you next week!


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