2016 School Terms and Public Holidays (+ HSC dates) for NSW High Schools (+ Term 4 2015)


Just to make next year a little bit easier to plan for our students (especially for those that will be tackling the HSC!), below is an easy to understand list of school dates and key public holidays in term 4 (or term 1 if you're in year 12) of 2015, and the whole year of 2016. Just in case you might find it useful, we have also included a few of the most important HSC dates (for the 2015 HSC timetable, just click here).

Terms Key Dates
Term 4 2015
(1st term for year 12)
Tuesday, 06 October to Friday, 18 December
Monday, 05 October [Labour Day]
Monday, 12 October 2015 [HSC exams start]
Wednesday, 16 December 2015 [HSC results released]
Term 1 2016 Wednesday, 27 January to Friday, 08 April
Tuesday, 26 January [Australia Day]
Friday, 25 March [Good Friday]
Monday, 28 March [Easter Monday]
Term 2 2016 Tuesday, 26 April to Friday, 01 July
Monday, 25 April [Anzac Day]
Monday, 13 June [Queen's Birthday]
Term 3 2016 Monday, 18 July to Friday, 23 September
Term 4 2016
(1st term for the next batch of year 12)
Monday, 10 October to Tuesday, 20 December

Source: BOSTES [HSC dates for 2016 are yet to be released]


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