PENCIL CASES FOR HIGH SCHOOL 2016 - Easy, Breezy, Beautiful!

Whether you're in your first year of high school or currently tackling the HSC, having a nice looking and functional pencil case always helps. Considering we're probably going to throw them around and batter them as we progress through the HSC and high school, we also can't afford to buy one that's too expensive either. Here are a few decently priced ones that you can easily find at places that are actually near us (for once!), such as Typo, Officeworks and Kikki K. We've included a variety of pencil cases of different styles, colours and quirks, so you'll probably be able to find the special one that will suit you perfectly.


Minimally Cool

Typo - Buffalo Pencil Case in Marble - $12.99





Colourful, Quirky, Cute and Pretty

Sportsgirl - Cat Ears Pencil Case - $14.95




Patterns, Patterns, Patterns!

Sportsgirl - Kitty Cat Pencil Case - $14.95

Myer Case.JPG

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