How To Cope With A Bad Exam Timetable


Your exam period is 3 weeks long but somebody decided to make sure you have all of your exams in the first three days. You feel like killing yourself. You just don’t whether to do it now or wait for it to naturally happen during your exams. Chances are however, you’re not the only student with two exams in one day. So relax. Take a deep breath. And jump off a bridge. No. I’m kidding. Don’t Do That. Really. Please. Don’t.

There are many ways you can cope with a tight exam timetable and make sure you still perform at your peak potential. Below are a few crucial tips that could make the difference between getting the ATAR you want and getting into university, or working at Maccas your whole life (I’m just kidding, ily Maccas).



Yes I can hear what you’re saying. Jack we’ve heard this a hundred times. Jack this is so obvious that it can’t be a tip. BUT SERIOUSLY, like literally, don’t leave everything to the last minute especially if you have many exams crammed together! By studying earlier and being fully prepared beforehand, you won’t have to cram many things in last minute. This reduces the chance of you having to study numerous subjects at once just before your exams and end up not having enough time to revise anything. By spreading out your revision between the different subjects, you’re able to be fully prepared when exam period comes and you’ll be no different to the people who have very well scheduled exam timetables. Have a look at our page on building a study timetable.


Don’t forget to eat

No, not eating that strand of pasta won’t earn you any extra marks in the exam. During your breaks between your exams it is highly important to eat to keep you energized. It is also crucial that you do not skip breakfast in the mornings as well if you want feel alert and focused during your exams.


Don’t spend the whole time arguing and discussing the previous exam with your friends

Bye Felicia. You’ve got another exam and your friends from the previous exam are probably not going to help you. Say your goodbyes to them. Let your friends cry their tears elsewhere. This just means they probably failed and now there’s an extra spot at the university you want to go to. Perfect, now you can start your next exam in a positive mood! I’m kidding, don’t do this. Thinking this way is a sin, Morgan Freeman will come and punish you.

Nevertheless, forget about the previous exam and try not to talk about it with your other friends. I know this is hard to do and we probably all do this, but you’ve got another subject to focus and spend your energy on. You need every spare minute you have to eat and revise.

Anyway, as a finishing note, good luck and remember, “it always seems impossible until it’s done.”


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