An accelerated HSC course refers to completing an HSC subject in year 11, one year ahead of normal. While it may seem like such courses will put more pressure on you due to the short time frame and being younger than others, there are also many benefits to doing an accelerated course.


The Experience

This is invaluable. For many past students, if they could go back to do the HSC again, I’m sure they would do some things differently. However, if you do an accelerated HSC course, by the time you’re in year 12, you already have experienced the HSC and know how everything works.

Doing an accelerated course means you get to have a taste of what the HSC process will be like a year in advance. Knowing how to prepare for your exams, knowing how to revise, knowing all the little things to do to avoid mishaps, is something that can only truly be learnt through experience. There is so much uncertainty when you are studying for the HSC, such as how your exam timetable is going to turn out and how to deal with an unexpected bad mark. To be able to know how to deal with these issues will definitely be an advantage.


Less Workload During Year 12

By having already finished 1 or 2 units before the HSC year has even started for most students, you are able to do less units/subjects during year 12. Thus, you can focus all your energy and time on your other subjects and further improve your overall mark. Don’t overlook this luxury. Trust me when I say there will be times of stress and last minute study no matter how diligent you are and every bit of time you will be able to save will be worth it.


A Safety Net

Only your top ten highest scoring units (including two units of English) will count towards your ATAR. If you still decide to enrol into ten units of subjects in year 12, the accelerated course you did previously will provide you with a little safety net. If you accidentally bomb one subject in year 12, the accelerated course’s mark will replace this bombed subject’s marks and it won’t be counted towards your ATAR.

Accelerated courses may not be for everyone so each student should definitely weigh all considerations before coming to a decision. In some particular schools, HSC courses are even offered to year 9 students and are to be completed by year 10. If your school offers these courses, you should also consider doing them as well, as much of what you could study otherwise in year 9 or 10 doesn’t relatively count towards much.


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