Best shows to watch on Netflix that will help you with your Studies

Netflix & History

For when you need to take a break, but when you really don't have time. You know the mood? When you know you want to get something done but you don't quite the headspace to be studying or reading a textbook. One of the great things of the internet age is the potential netflix gives us to learn by osmosis!


Fascinating, educational and beautifully produced. Documentaries provide an amazing experience to learn both useful content in an enjoyable relaxing way. 

Here are some top picks: 


Find the movies made of your English texts and get watching! Particularly when they were Shakespeare or some other playwright, watching them performed is likely to provide you with the best understanding of the text, the context and the drama between the characters. 

Netflix is also a great place to find related texts! French films, remakes of famous novels, documentaries about significant political figures. There's a whole word out there, waiting for you to enjoy. 

When you find a related text that works for every argument



The final need that Netflix can satisfy is when you actually do need to tune out over something. Set yourself a certain amount of time, enjoy watching and soaking up our cultural expression. 

You deserve it.