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The key objective here is to try to make it as hard as possible for you to become distracted or to find excuses for you to stop studying. Let’s face it, getting distracted is probably the number one thing that stops you from finishing things you have to do and end up procrastinating, procrastinating… and procrastinating.


Have a large enough table

As basic as this is sounds, this could be the thing that annoys the most and you may not even be realising it. You want your desk to be deep enough for you to put your laptop and still be able to fit a notebook in front of it. A lot of studying happens online nowadays even for maths and science, thus a desk large enough to fit both your book and your laptop is essential.


Keep it tidy

Don’t pile a heap tonne of books on the table you study on. Only take out ones that are necessary and continuously put back ones that you don’t need. You don’t want to feel cramped from side to side either and have nowhere to put your pencil case and not be able to let your arms stretch while you’re working away on equations. Additionally, it’s also a smart idea to keep notes that you don’t need away as well. Everything appearing messy and disorganised will only make you feel more annoyed and harder to concentrate.


Have your own space that’s only yours

If possible, have desk that you can have to yourself. It can be annoying when others use it as well and always leave their things lying around.


Have a clipboard – to do list, calendar, positive quotes, important notes etc.

It’s also a good idea to have a clipboard nearby where you can easily see things you need to be reminded of. Having a to do list and a calendar can really push you along because you can no longer forget anything anymore and it’ll also force you to really the crazy amount of work you have due next week so you better finish this week’s work right now!

Putting up positive quotes or inspirational photos can also really help you stay motivated especially during times when you are on the verge of procrastinating. Additionally, you can also clip important permission notes onto the board as well to avoid losing them or forgetting about them altogether. However, it may not be too wise to place the clipboard right in front of your studying position as you don’t want it distract you from the task you have on hand either.


Make sure you have everything with you before you start

The worst thing is always having to get up and get something because forgot to take it out beforehand. It may result in you not being able to sit down, concentrate, and just drill away. Hence, remember to take out all the material you need beforehand, have your backpack next to you just in case you forgot anything, and have a full water bottle as well.


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