Top 10 Things Students Waste Their Money On

1. Canteen Hashbrowns

Whether your canteen sells them for 20c or for a rip off of $1.20, you could definitely buy them cheeper at Coles! Convenience doesn't always equal value. 

Delicious...but are they worth it? 

Delicious...but are they worth it? 

2. Fidget Spinners

Glow in the dark or not, they're a short lived trend. We bet you lost it, or broke it. Or had it confiscated. At this point in the term, they're probably banned from class anyway. 

Fidget Spinners

3. Pre written Notes

It can be tempting to think that buying the notes from James, who topped the state in Chemistry last year, will make your exam results soar. Unfortunately, no matter how well James did, he genius probably won't transfer to you. Experts agree that a large amount of the value in notes is the process of writing them - so if you miss out on that, you are really short changing yourself! 

4. Year 12 Jerseys

Sure, they're a status symbol. Maybe the year sevens scurry out of your way, but they do not last. Often schools put off getting the jerseys until the last term - where you're paying $80 for 10 weeks of glory. While it's great to wear around school - the second you hit university, you look like someone who hasn't grown up! 

Save the $80 and miss having to decide whether sentimentality is enough of a reason to hold onto a piece of clothing you never wear. 

This Jersey is so 2014...

This Jersey is so 2014...

5. Your caffeine addiction

Sure, stimulants like caffeine can make you feel like a hero, but $3.50 a morning is going to rip through your pocket money. 

6. Data. 

More specifically, going OVER your data. The second you go over your phone plan or have to add an extra value pack, the prices sky rocket. Snapchat streaks - we love you - but it's costing far too much money at this point! 

7. The Perfect Stationary

Can't study without a fresh notebook, fountain pen and highlighters in every colour? I feel you. Its a method of procrastination and a joy to stock up on colour-coordinated study materials. But when it comes to exams, all you need is a plastic zip-lock bag, a black pen, pencil and eraser. Everything else is optional extra! 

Skip the stationery and enjoy the extra cash!

Skip the stationery and enjoy the extra cash!

8. Formal Expenses

Hear us out. This isn't a tutoring company telling you to skip out on your formal to study. But you have to admit, some formals are costing girls $150 for a ticket, $200 for makeup and hair and up to $500 for a dress. While you want to look fab for such an exciting night - there are some cost saving measures you can take! Get your friend to do your hair or catch the train together rather than renting a car. 

9. Replacing Lost Things

Your phone charger, your school blazer or your fidget spinner. If your parents are anything like mine, they get slowly less willing to lay down money to replace things you should have held onto! 

10. Supposed Study Hacks!

You know what we mean. Buying a weighted pen, because it will make you write faster. Or custom designed flash cards. Or a frappe designed to give you longer lasting energy in an exam. Even something like "No Fear Shakespeare", which feels like a worthwhile investment, but isn't helping you in the long run. 

There are lots of things students waste money on - but tutoring isn't one of them! Particularly with Pinnacles trial lessons - you can try the experience before you lay down the cold hard cash! 

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