For some, doing a single degree is enough, while for others, a double degree is much more suitable. You've probably just finished the HSC (or in a senior high school) and are still unsure about which degree(s) to pick. So let's just jump straight into some key tips on whether to do a single or double degree.


Longer Time and Money Spent

Don't kid yourself, an extra two years is an extra 2 years of university you have to pay for and an extra two years you could've spent working instead. Being able to HECS our university fees sometimes allows us to forget this. Double degrees tend to be around five years, with some being four and others could be even longer than 6. On the other hand, an uncombined degree usually lasts for three to four years.


Know Whether the Second Degree Will Add Value to Your Aspirations

Often, those who graduated with a combined degree end up with similar jobs to those who have only completed an uncombined degree. Thus, it is important to know whether doing the extra degree will really help you in the long term and provide you with the knowledge you really want. You can ask companies at various workshops or previous students who have gone through university and done a double degree on whether they believe it has been worthwhile and useful.


Doing a Single Degree Doesn’t Have to be "Too Short"

I've heard a lot of students say they think three years at university is too short and they want to spend more time enjoying university life. Well, it doesn't have to be that short. You can do an extra year of research into your field of study and be rewarded with an Honours degree or even better, spend a year overseas on a language program! There are so opportunities in university once you get there so don't feel like you have to do a double degree to lengthen it and be stuck with something you’re really not that interested in. 


Is choosing a double degree because you're not sure which one to pick a good idea?

While there is no right or wrong on whether this is the correct approach, just know that you can always transfer later on to an uncombined degree if you realise you like one degree better than the other or just find doing a double degree isn't suitable for you. I have heard friends who are doing a double degree but hates one of them and others who are doing a single degree but wish they could delve into another field as well.

The only advice I can give you here is if you don't like it, change! It’s as simple and as difficult as that! Don't waste your time doing something you hate which you still have to pay for as well! A few years is really short and your university life should be enjoyed. :)


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