Going to university is a great opportunity for you to possibly move to another city, explore it and start a new life (or let’s be real, move away from your parents!). If you’re from Sydney, maybe you’ve been thinking about going to Melbourne, Brisbane or even another country! However, as someone who has been to a new city (and a completely different country) for university, I can tell you there will be many unexpected challenges along the way. It probably won’t be as easy as you think, but it can be very rewarding as well! Here are a few things you should watch out for if you’re thinking of going to another city.



Chances are, it will be much more expensive than you think. You’re young, you’re moving to a new place by yourself and you’ll probably need to spend a lot of money on things you did not expect you would need, especially if this is the first time you are moving out of your parent’s home. Just like how you can’t follow a study timetable, you probably won’t be able to follow a strict budget (at first anyway). Living by yourself takes time to get used to, and you won’t be able to realise everything you’ll need until maybe around a month in. Thus, it may be a good idea to keep a looser budget in the first month before keeping a super close eye afterwards.


Living the Individual Life

Don’t think you won’t be homesick, even if you really want to move away from your family at first. If you’re going to a new city by yourself, you may obviously feel really lonely at first. While being away from family and coming home to an empty house with no one else there may be very hard at first, in time, you will get used to it and enjoy the freedom of being an individual. For some of us, it may be quick especially if you find some great friends (or even someone special ;) I mean, you are a young sweetheart away from your family). For others, it may take a long time, but don’t worry, you’ll eventually get used to it and you’ll find it really hard when you have to move back to your parent’s home!


Take Care of Yourself

Before leaving, have a clear goal as to why you are moving to another city for university, and follow it! Have a clear plan of what you want to achieve out of it. Let me tell you, it is so easy for your life to go completely sideways if it’s the first time you’re living by yourself. Friends invite you out, you stay up super late watching Netflix, you wake up past 12, your room becomes a complete mess, you starting eating really badly, and you’ll soon feel like your life has become a total mess. You’ll also suddenly probably realise how time has flew by as well before you even got to do much. This is when you’ll finally appreciate your parents in nagging you to sleep early and what not. So, if you are going to another city, just remember, to keep to your plan, learn to say no, achieve what you want to achieve and stay true to yourself! (and if you don’t, learn to pick yourself back up again!)


Nevertheless, going to another city will provide you with a unique experience and you’ll learn so much along the way, many things attending classes won’t teach you. You’ll certainly grow as a person.


Jack Zheng | N° 59

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