The HSC is fast approaching and before you know it, it’s over. You’ve been studying for twelves straight already and here’s your chance to finally take a gap year. You may be worried you might be wasting a full year and not be able to get used to the intensity of studying again. However, here are a few reasons why taking a gap year may actually help you.


Firstly, one year off isn’t that big in the grand scheme of things.

If you think about it, one year is really nothing. You’re probably around 18 and in the prime of your life. Taking a break now may be the best thing you could do for yourself. Once you start working after university, it’ll be even harder to just leave everything behind and go on an annual long holiday!


If you want to get into medicine, you can do your UMAT during your gap year.

We all know that getting into medicine ain’t no easy task. ATAR, UMAT and interview, that’s one heck of a task to ace all at once. However, if you’re confident that your ATAR is strong enough to get you into medicine, taking a gap year may be your chance to resit the UMAT and get a better result.


You’ll have a broader perspective.

Many students go into university and think it’s everything, and getting into a society is the important thing in life. When really, it’s not. You may want to travel just for leisure, but it really also broadens your view on what there is out there in the world. You’ll be much better at putting things into perspective and realising what really is important.


You’ll have to time to realise what you like before you start studying.

Many students don’t actually know what they want to study and end up picking the wrong degree, and transferring twice before landing somewhere where they want to be. By taking a gap year, you’ll get to see new things and have time to think whether a particular degree really is for you.


Of course, you get to travel!

This is the time of your life! You may never have a year to yourself again. You get to go see the world, meet new people, and have new experiences you would never have otherwise. Furthermore, universities have reported that students that have undertaken a gap year are actually better academically and are more involved on campus!


Jack Zheng | N° 71