As the HSC approaches and you may start having more and more all-nighters (not that you should), it becomes more and more important that you look out for things you may be doing that could be less than beneficial for your eyes. You may start to not notice that you are peering too closely into your screen when you are really concentrated. Here are a few tips on what you can do to help protect your eyes from damage when you are studying.


Have good lighting

It doesn’t matter if it's 12am at night and you’re cramming to finish your assignment, good lighting is essential when you’re reading your textbooks or drilling away at those maths questions. It may cause eye damage and you may also become short sighted from having to peer in very closely in the dark.


Take many breaks

It’s a smart idea to take a break every twenty minutes to peer at something further away for 20 seconds. It will allow your eyes to relax and not constantly be strained from continuously looking at something close up like your book or computer.


Don’t forget to blink

Screens and videos have an effect of making you forget to blink. By the time you do, your eyes may have already started to feel very dry. Thus, every five minutes or so, remind yourself to blink, or even shut your eyes for a few second and relax.


Keep a good distance away from your computer screen

Around 50cm to 65cm away from your screen is usually best for your eyes. Too close and it may result in shortsightedness. Too far and it will strain your eyes when you have to read all the small writings.


Reduce glare

Glare or reflections on your computer screen can also result in your eyes becoming more strained. Try to not face your laptop towards a window and regularly clean your computer screens to remove any dust.


In the classroom – let your teacher know if you cannot see what’s on the board

Effective eye protection also involves how you study at school. If you cannot see what is written on the board let your teacher know. Your eyes can be strained when inside the classroom as well. If you are sitting at the back and having trouble seeing, try to move closer towards the board. Glare from light coming from outside can also make it hard, so let your teacher know if this is the case.


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