Because of how popular our 2017 version of school terms and public holidays post is, we’ve decided to make one for 2018 as well super early for all you super eager students out there! It’s hard to find a calendar that includes both public holidays, school term dates as well as HSC exam dates all in one. Thus, to make it easier for you guys, we’ve compiled it all together again for another year. Get your diaries and Google calendars out, and start jotting down these dates! Unfortunately, for students out there that want days off from school, there will only be one public holiday that falls inside a school term.

Here’s the 2017 version just in case you still need it.

Remember to double check with your own school as school term dates may vary due to development days. Term 4 for 2017 is also included as new year 12 students may find it useful.

Terms Key Dates
Term 4 2017
(first term for year 12)
Monday, 10 October to Tuesday, 20 December
Monday, 16 October [HSC exams commence]
Friday, 10 November [HSC exams conclude]
Thursday, 14 December [HSC results released]
Term 1 2018 Tuesday, 30 January to Friday, 13 April
Term 2 2018 Tuesday, 1 May to Friday, 6 July
Monday, 11 June [Queen's Birthday]
Term 3 2018 Tuesday, 24 July to Friday, 28 September
Term 4 2018 Monday, 15 October to Wednesday, 19 December

2018 HSC dates have yet to be released. This will be updated as soon as they are. Keep this page bookmarked!


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