Let’s face it, we all have trouble concentrating sometimes and studying can get really dry. A little music can make it just that more interesting and could even help us concentrate better! They’re also great at blocking out other noise in our studying environment that might be distracting to us. Here are a few best types/genres of music that you may find suitable to listen to when studying.


Sounds from nature

Whether it’s the sound of rain or waterfall or waves or birds chirping or anything that sounds like you’re studying in a rainforest, songs that include sounds of nature can be great at helping our mind relax and concentrate on what we want to do. Have a search on Google or YouTube for music that incorporate water or constant sounds from nature. If you really want the perfect array of sounds from nature, you could even try recording some yourself!


Music without lyrics

For some of us, songs that contain lyrics can be quite distracting when we have to write an essay and constantly think of what to say. Thus, it may be wise to choose songs or playlists that contain music that doesn’t have lyrics.


Songs you don’t find interesting

Playing songs you love may be much more fun, but they could really distract you as well. On the other hand, if you play music that you are ambivalent about, you may be able to better concentrate on the work. In saying that, this doesn’t mean you should play songs that annoy you, as they’ll just distract you too!


Classical music

Many classical songs don’t have lyrics. Many classical songs are also much calmer and allow you to relax. If you don't feel a strong like or dislike for it, classical music may be just for you as they allow you to concentrate on the task at hand rather than the songs. If you like to work in a harmonious, calm environment, give classical music a try.


Songs with tempos that suit what you’re doing

Songs with fast tempos can help you feel more excited which may be suitable for when you have to finish repetitive tasks as quickly as possible. On the other hand, slower songs may be more suitable for tasks that require deep thinking (such as difficult maths questions) or to get you into a more emotional mood which you may want when writing a creative piece of work.


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