Find studying a little tedious and need a little extra motivation and fun? Need something that’ll make your student life a little easier?


Cordies Cable Management System


Find your table getting super messy with all the cords you have? How cool is this! Available on eBay.


Paperback Adhesive Notes for iPhone

Still prefer writing tasks out so you don’t forget? This cool thing may help you out a lot! A diary may be too big and you might find writing things down in your phone hard to remember. Available on ILOVEHANDLES.


IS Gift Emotive Stress Ball



Need something to brighten up your days? This little stress ball can do just the trick when you’re dying over an exam or assignment. Go ahead and squeeze all your worries away! Available at Officeworks.


HandiScope 30x Pocket Microscope



Are you a science fanatic and want to check out cool stuff on the go? Biology students, this is about getting those band 9 marks! (Just kidding!) Available at Yellow Octopus.


Bic Pen Lid Stationary Organiser


Probably the only lid you won’t lose… Available at Yellow Octopus.


Mellow Friends Earphone Winder


You’ll never have tangled up earphones in your backpack again. Available at Snazzy Box.


Keyboard Stationery Set


This is just too cool! It even comes a brush for your actual keyboard! Let’s face it, we’ve all dropped food crumbs on our keyboard before. Available at Yellow Octopus.


Acrylic Board


For you to jot down things on a board that’s actually interesting to look at rather than an old boring cork or white one. Available at Cotton On.


Toast USB Hand Warmers


A pair of electric blankets for those cold mornings and nights studying in the library and at home. Available at Yellow Octopus.


JStory Smile Tab Mask Bunny


#cutenessoverload #koreanstationary

Available at Snazzy Box.


Speech Bubble Light Box


Why not put a motivational statement on this light box to keep you going? Available at Cotton On.


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