Can students make a difference?

You only have to read the news for 30 seconds to know that there is something really wrong with the world. There are lots of areas where people can be hurt, taken advantage of or impact our future immensely. 

When you think of the destruction of the environment, or bullying or mental health issues in students, which sadly can go unchecked for so long - how do you feel? 

It's easy to feel completely overwhelmed - particularly when it comes to political or social issues - is there even anything you can do? 

Sometime's it's better to be young

Don't begin thinking about this by worrying about your age. Think about the ripples a pebble makes when you throw it into calm water. Change - both at school and in wider society begins on the small scale, with people having conversations and reminding each other about what matters. 

While you're in high school is a fantastic opportunity to begin taking matters into your own hands. You've got more time on your hands, more creativity and more chances to build friendships and have a larger impact. 

Make your voices heard

The teenagers in America are an amazing example of how effective you can be as a young person making change. By speaking up against the NRA and Trump, they have galvanised a movement #neveragain to protect students in the future. 

The impact they have had shows just how much can be achieved by young people. 

Find some Inspiration

What is it that you feel passionate about? Are you about saving whales, or do you really care about standing up for. Start to listen to the stories of the people around you, or start to read about the issues facing the world. 

Possibly a more helpful title for this blog would be "How can students make a difference?" 

Now go change the world



Hannah SteeleComment