How to make the best of having a bad teacher

Week one is done and things are slowly settling. Classes have changed, subjects have began and you're getting used to sitting next to someone new in English. Year by year, while your classes change, your friendships are likely to remain relatively consistent. The real impact of a new year is finding out who your teachers are. 

A good teacher can make or break your enthusiasm, success and results in a subject! It's shocking how science can be your favourite subject one day, and then the next it's the worst and you're sitting at the back playing games on your phone. 

So here's our handy tips and tricks for how to handle a teacher who is toxic, demotivating or just plain annoying. 

Ask yourself: Are you overreacting? 

Sometimes, a teacher can be annoying for something that isn't really their fault or that detractive to your studies. If they have a bit of a stutter, or they're a little nervous, it's really not their fault. At that point it's up to you to be the bigger person and prioritise your study. 

Check in with friends. If other people have noticed the issue with this teacher, it's more likely to be a big deal. If there are a group of you that are struggling with something, that's when you know it's worth speaking out about. 

Take matters into your own hands

There are heaps of steps you can take if you are in the position of dealing with an unruly or difficult teacher. The first one is to speak to a deputy or house representative. Name your concerns and difficulties you've had. Be proactive, suggest solutions. It's okay to ask to be moved out of a class, or to suggest speaking to the teacher in question with someone else present. If enough concerns are raised, classes have been known to change in the first few weeks of term. 

Prioritise what matters

If you aren't able to change the situation, this is where you will have to get creative. Prioritise what matters: your studies. You don't want this to impact what courses you get into, or what subjects you do in senior school. 

Find a study buddy, register for tutoring and take control of your own education. 

There is nothing worse then having a teacher who won't teach, or who doesn't know the syllabus, but it doesn't have to impact the rest of your life. 

Stay strong, it's only for a year.



Hannah SteeleComment