New Years Resolutions You Might Really Keep

Keen for 2018! It's a new year, new me! The chance to buy new stationery, start writing in your notebooks, get prepared for all new classes. 

It's almost painfully predictable by now. 

You'll probably make some new years resolution to study 3 hours a day. Or use every single free period you have to research. Or to finish your major work by March. 

Whatever it is, it's probably - to be blunt - a little out of step with reality. I mean just think about your goals for 2017. How did they end up? 

Instead of setting yourself up for inevitable failure, read on for our top New Years Resolutions that you MAY actually keep

1. To open and sort our your folder as soon as you get home each day

That's all it is. We're not talking about extensive hours spent hard at work, or promises to do things three weeks in advance. We're just talking about making it a pattern to open and organise your notes each day. 

At minimum, this will help you remember what you've learnt and keep track of what you've done. Some days, after sorting our your notes, you are likely to feel motivated to begin to work. If so, fantastic! 

On other days, you'll need to rest, relax and don't guilt yourself out about it. 

2. Decide on a specific time each week that you will let yourself rest

It could be Saturday morning. It could be every Friday night. It could be Monday afternoon. Whatever works for you. As humans, we are incapable of working non stop, and it's unfair to ourselves to expect that. When we inevitably are unable to maintain the pace we set for ourselves, we slip in to guilt, anxiety and demotivation. 

Instead, plan when you will rest, so that it doesn't make you feel out of control, but instead empowers you. 

3. Be brave in seeking support

This is a more general resolution, but it's still really important. You are blessed with so many resources and people who want to support us. Particularly the further towards senior school you get.  

Ask your teacher for direction with the assignment. Tell your tutors you need specific help with the maths topic that is stumping you - it's probably circle geometry let's be honest. Tell your friends you're worried about an upcoming exam, and ask them to study with you. Ask questions in class. 

There is no point in missing out just because you were shy, or felt stupid asking for help.